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Tellurium is a chemical element with symbol Te and atomic number 52.

Tellurium was discovered in Transylvania (today part of Romania) in 1782 in a mineral containing tellurium and gold. Later new element was named after the latin word tellus which means ‘earth’.


Tellurium is a mildly toxic, rare, silvery-white metalloid with a metallic luster.
It is easily pulverized brittle mettaloid.

Tellurium is a semiconductor that shows a greater electrical conductivity in certain directions.

In molten state tellurium is corrosive to copper, iron and stainless steel.

Tellurium is chemically related to selenium and sulfur as it belongs to the same chemical family – the chalcogen family.
Tellurium and selenium compounds are similar.


Tellurium is widely used in metal industry as addition to various alloys, foremost in steel and copper to improve machinability.
Tellurium helps to produce high-quality steel that can be used in high-precision parts production. Tellurium enhancing the strength
and chemical durability of plumbum is also used in cable and chemical industry.

Tellurium instead of sulfur or selenium can be used for rubber vulcanization as it improves the heat resistance of rubber and makes
rubber compounds more flexible.

Tellurium is applicable in the glass-making to colour glass in brown or to increase glass refractive index.

Tellurium and its compounds performing as semiconductors are applied in solar panels, lasers, photoresistors, radioactive counters, thermoelectric power generators.

Other applications include ceramics colouring, glass fiber production etc.

Our company provides the following Tellurium metal and compounds:

Product Formula / Molecular Weight Form Application
Tellurium Metal Te / 127.60 powder, shot CIGS solar cell,
light-sensitive materials, free-cutting stainless steel
Tellurium Dioxide TeO2 / 159.60 powder Oxidant, catalyst, electronic
material etc.
Tellurite Compounds KTeO3, NaTeO3,
BaTeO3, ZnTeO3
powder Rubber vulcanazing agent,
catalyst etc.

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