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Indium is a chemical emlement with symbol In and atomic number 49.

Indium was discovered in 1863 by the German chemists Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymous Theodor Richter. Investigating some ores with spectroscopy, they found a blue line in the spectrum. At that time no element was known with a bright blue emission so they understood that a new element was found. It was named after the word indigo - the colour of characteristic spectral line of the new element.


Indium is very soft, ductile and easily fusible metal. It is silvery-white with a bright luster. When bent it gives a high-pitched sound. Indium remains in a liquid state over a wide range of temperatures. Being an liquid, indium clings to or wets glass and similar surfaces.

Indium is chemically related to thallium and gallium, and shows intermediate properties between these two.


As indium is difficult to produce and has very soft form, it was hard to find any application for this metal.

The first widescale application for indium was as an additive in production of bearings. Small amounts of indium added in alloys that are used for making bearings, improve its mechanical characteristics, increase its corrosion resistane and enhance wettability. Such bearings is used in high-performance aircraft and cars engines.

Compounds of indium are used in the semiconductor industry for germanium transistors, thermistors, rectifiers and photocells. Sometimes Indium and its componds is applied in the production of low-melting alloys, welding alloys, electronics.

Nowdays one of the largest uses of indium is in the thin films for liquid crystal displays (LCD).

Our company provides the following Indium metal and compounds.

Product Formula / Molecular Weight Form Application
Indium Metal In / 114.82 ingot Soldering, dental alloys,
bearings, transparent electrodes, semiconductor elements
Indium Oxide In2O3 / 277.63 powder Transparent electrodes,
conductive coating materials.
Indium Trichloride InCl3 / 221.18 powder, liquid Transparent electrodes,
conductive coating materials.
Indium Nitrate In(NO3)3・XH2O
/ 300.84
powder Transparent conductive coating
Octylic Acid
solid Additive agent for conductive
In(OH)3 / 165.82 powder Transparent conductive coating
materials etc.
powder Transparent conductive coating
materialsand electronics etc.

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